Day 9. Taking a break and just drawing all day at Frank's place.

(Captions are below the pictures.)
Tin working on his comic pages.
Drawings from Ben.
A drawing from me for Runic.
Rike organized that everyone made a drawing into two tiny sketchbooks which were then given to Alex and myself. We totally didn't notice everyone drawing in them! Thank you for this kind gift Rike and everyone. :-)
One of the three postcards we drew on.
Lyana ready to use the scissors!
After the first raw cut.
And then they cut it even shorter on the balcony.
First time that I did a picture with Copics which belong to Panda.
Ben started drawing the Replikant for Alex.
Yep, we did nothing but draw that day.
Alex painting draft scenes for his silent comic.
Splash page for Tin's comic.
Alex' rendition of Ridley losing her breasts. "Freedom!"
My futuristic Cherrybomb.
Ben draws Lilith Alpha for Panda.
Tin draws the Replikant for Alex too.
Emotional email checking?