Day three. Time to give our visitors a tour through Munich!

(Captions are below the pictures.)
As soon as we enter a train everyone starts to draw. :-)
Palace of justice.
Runic wearing his WFA shirt that Poj made.
Alex was our tour guide.
Father Frost wearing the button I made for him last year, picturing his character Panda Ruanda.
Rike decided to run through the fountain on Karlsplatz so I joined her! It was a really hot day so we needed to cool down.
Me wet. None of the guys ran with us, in a group of artists the girls are the brave ones. ;-)
Gate at the Karlsplatz.
Traditional Bavarian clothes.
Frauenkirche. Munich's most prominent landmark.
The city hall.
Rike, Runic, Elyan, Alex.
At Marienplatz we found the other Ben! :D
At the steak house.
Seats were by chance divided between Arcadians and Levidians (not pictured here).
Time for group pictures in front of another church!
Trying to be cool...
... or over the top and slightly embarrassing?
The guys.
Inside the church.
Ben has a new favourite drink: Spezi.
Runic and his signature look.
The tentacle church at Odeonsplatz.
Cthulhu iäh iäh fhtagn!