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My publications:

  • frontpage, August 2012: Stocking Alphabet.
  • Theaterfreunde Forstinning: Photos and design for promotion, flyers, posters, website, and deck of cards, 2003-2009.
  • Meri Voskanian: making-of photos of her music video, which were published on the New Yorker website. A photo of this event was used as an ad for ToneArt Mediavision in the magazine Music Supporter, issue 2/2008, 3/2008 and 1/2009. Issue 2/2008 featured an article about the video and included more of my photos.
  • MMG Magazin Sommer 2007.


  • Jugendkulturpreis des Landkreises Ebersberg, 2007. Thema "Aliens landen am Aussichtsturm." 1. Preis. Fotographie und Konzept Barbara Wittmann, Make-up Alexandra Kuehnel, Model Wolfgang Polis, Assistenz Frank Braun.

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2_jetztde-150812.jpg frontpage, August 2012: Stocking Alphabet     
 Music Supporter 2008     
 Jugendkulturpreis des Landkreises Ebersberg     
 Theater: Die 12 Geschworenen   Merkur, 2006