Our student dorm's window frames are a "ladybug hotel".
In autumn a lot of ladybugs landed on the house's facade and crawled about. Sometime later when it was cold we opened the part of the window that usually stays closed and we found many of the little bugs sitting in the frame's gap. We were a bit weirded out, but ladybugs are cute and we are happy to provide a home for them during the winter. :-)
So sometimes when I let in air I find one of them crawling in the frame or even outside or in my room. This time we took the opportunity and photographed the bug while it was cleaning itself, and before I returned it to its hotel.

The first shot was taken with my 60mm macro lens. But I couldn't get close enough! I wanted to fill the picture with the insect. Since I have my mother's kit lens (the 18-55mm) that came with her camera I was able to put my old reverse ring to use. In reverse the lens can get very close. We used a lot of static light and it still wasn't enough. You can see that the depth of field is very narrow in many shots, and that the ladybug was moving too much while cleaning.

Photos were taken by me and Alex.

After some reading I came to the clonclusion that this is an Asian ladybug.

He is a little dusty.
Cleaning time.
Behind the scenes