My contributions for the 'nous sommes charlie' collaboration at the HAW Hamburg with the ESAM Caen/Cherbourg. The images will be displayed in the Maison Heinrich Heine in Paris starting 26th January 2015. Reason for this spontaneous exhibition was the attack on Charlie Hebdo, and the topics of the exhibition also include tolerance, acceptance, freedom of speech, pluralism, compassion.

The snake picture is about how fear suppresses one's freedom of speech.

The picture with the flower and garden shears was a collaboration with Alexander Zwerger. He had the initial idea, I added to it and drew the lineart. He then colored the picture. This picture is about self-censorship and freedom of speech.

Charlie je crie ton nom: list of artists.
NDR Fernsehbeitrag zur HAW Hamburg und teilnehmenden Studenten.
Hamburger Abendblatt Bericht.