The Voight-Kampff Test from Blade Runner (1982)
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Project: Sweded
Recreate a 90-second movie scene using only original animation and audio.

Our 3rd semester animation project for the FH Augsburg. The first animation we have ever done that's longer than 9 frames! Alex and I put around 100 manhours into this, far less than we would have liked to. You can watch it in full HD on Youtube!
To the right you can see a still of every scene, plus some animation steps overlays.

Generally we separated the tasks to be able to work on it simultaneously. Alex painted all of the backgrounds, the testing machine and Deckart's hand. He also inked most of the lineart in Photoshop. I drew the keyframes with a pencil and colored the inked lines in Photoshop. I also drew several in-between frames and elements like the smoke completely in PS. Everything is hand drawn, nothing is traced.
Alex put all of the scenes and elements together in After Effects and we composed the scenes and cuts together.
Due to the assignment's parameters (which were given to avoid copyright problems) we also had to record all sounds and dialogue ourselves, so please forgive the bad voice acting.
The video you see is exactly the one we handed in. We would have liked to refine many things, but then again nothing is ever perfect.

Blade Runner (1982) (c) Warner Brothers
All Images, Sounds and Voices (c) Team Tentakelsalat: