All art copyright @ Barbara Wittmann unless otherwise stated. Do not use pictures without written permission.


Barbara Wittmann
Kaemmererufer 16
22303 Hamburg

If you'd like to commission me for illustration or animation work, please contact me via email! Thank you.

You can also find me on:

My publications:

  • Jazam #7 "4 Elemente", German comic anthology. 2012.
  • War for Arcadia Artbook - self-published in 2011 through Indyplanet.
  • Jazam #5 "Nachtleben", German comic anthology. 2010. This anthology won the ICOM Sonderpreis in 2011.
  • Gothology II "Misery Loves Company", international gothy comic anthology. 2010.
  • Illustrations for L-Mag (Jackwerth Verlag).
  • Illustrations for Shadowrun (Fanpro).



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War for Arcadia Artbook